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David Hershey
Board of School Directors of Wyomissing Area School District

My name is Dave Hershey, and I am running for School Board. I have two children attending Wyomissing – a son in fourth grade and a daughter in seventh grade. I desire to represent my fellow parents, working to ensure that our district continues to provide a high-quality education in a safe environment for all students. Let me share three points that illustrate why I am running:

1) I have a passion for education and I believe a quality education is vital for a successful and happy life. I am especially interested in reading and literacy, which I believe is one of the foundations of education. Everything in education is built on literacy. Our children need to continue to have access to a wide variety of books so they can discover new ideas, encounter new perspectives, and have their minds expanded.

2) I believe a safe educational environment is essential for student’s mental health and educational growth. Creating a safe environment is vital for our students to learn. Such an environment includes buildings that are safe and secure so our students and teachers can focus on education without other worries or distractions. A safe environment is also one where all students are welcomed and celebrated as the individuals they are. In this type of environment, students can be themselves and express themselves with no fear of backlash or bullying.

3) I desire to be a voice for other parents – At the end of the day, I am just a parent who wants his kids to succeed in school and life, just like you and hundreds of other parents in this district. Serving the students requires listening to your concerns. Together, we can continue to build an exceptional educational environment for our students.

If you would like to learn more about me, please check out my biography. To get in touch with me, email me at dave@davidhershey.org.

My professional life has been spent in the non-profit field. I work at the Berks Community Health Center (BCHC), Berks County’s Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), as Donor Relations Associate, focusing on fundraising and development. Prior to working at BCHC, I spent nearly seventeen years serving as a campus chaplain at Penn State Berks with the Christian Student Foundation of PA, offering spiritual guidance and mentorship for college students.

My wife Emily and I have two children – Junia (grade 7) and Elijah (grade 4). We also have a dog, Johnny, who was named after Johnny Cash. Our family enjoys hiking, playing table-top games and visiting used bookstores wherever we travel. I love to read and particularly appreciate fantasy and anything by Stephen King.

I enjoy being involved in my kids’ activities. I serve as Den Leader and Cubmaster for Eli’s Cub Scouts. In the past, I coached Junia’s soccer team in the Wyomissing Area Soccer Club. When my children were in kindergarten, I helped once a week with “Kid Writing”. I have also been in the Watchdog dad program and chaperoned field trips. One chilly, rainy day in Valley Forge, with a class of third-graders, just days before everything shut down in 2020 was a particularly memorable experience.

My wife is a Reading Specialist in the Wilson School District. Before our children started kindergarten, I was a stay-at-home dad. I cared for Junia and Elijah during the day, followed by nights on campus at PSU Berks. We would visit the Wyomissing Public Library multiple times a week, which led to me eventually deciding to join the Library Board of Directors. Our family loves being part of this community, and I am looking forward to continuing to serve the community as a member of the Wyomissing School Board.